What is Speech Therapy?

What Is Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy?

Speech, Language and Feeding Services

All children develop differently. However, if you are concerned about how your infant, toddler or child is developing with communication skills or feeding, you might consider a speech, language or feeding evaluation. Below is a checklist to assist you with thinking about your child's development. If you have any concerns, an evaluation might relieve your concerns or help you to address any needs

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Play is children's "work." Children learn best through play and natural environments, so our speech and language therapy sessions look like play. We use toys, books and games that assist your child in development, but that are fun for your child. Our environment is set up to feel as natural as possible. We will help you use similar activities at home so your child can practice new speech and language

What is Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy looks different depending on the age of your baby or child. Therapy sessions will be designed with your specific child's needs in mind - bottle feeding, spoon feeding or learning to eat new foods or food textures. Similar to language therapy, feeding therapy for the toddler or older child will be developmentally appropriate and fun for both you and your child. We will work with any professionals important to your child's development and needs including the occupational or physical therapist, pediatrician, gastroenterologist, dietitian/nutritionist, or other physician. Please see our feeding links for more information about this.